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Our main goal is to represent Hungary which is the treasure of the Karpatian Basin through different programs. For example boat trip on Danube, Parliament visiting, various sightseeing tours, car races, cooking duels, travel to Lake Balaton. You can find all these programs on our list. And much more!!!

Besides getting a wonderful and unforgetable experience, we also can offer you lots of accommodations all over Hungary.

Book a tour online or by phone and discover the historical Hungary with us.

If you have any question please do not heistate to contact us! And we hope you will have!

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Marriage Duel

17000 Ft

Rent a boat on Balaton

0 Ft

Grill Party

17000 Ft

Wine Dinner with a Winemaker

17000 Ft

Outdoor Wedding

23800 Ft

Cooking Competitions

17000 Ft